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Coastal Loam With a Hint of Dirt

by Jorrit Pinckaers

I can keep watching these videos over and over again. Insane smooth mountainbike riding through the intense green coastal rainforest of British Columbia. The Coastal Crew is a group of local mountain bikers from the West Coast of Canada. They captivate both the passion for riding their local trails as well as the beauty of the forests and lakes in that area. Awesome cinematography. Here’s some nice edits to check:

The Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is located on the southern coast of British Columbia in Canada. Just a little up northwest from Vancouver. An area known for its mild weather and forested mountains, having a laid-back island state of mind. Though it’s part of BC’s mainland, it’s only accessible by plane or a scenic ferry ride. The Sunshine Coast is the traditional territory of the First Nations: the Squamish, Sechelt, Sliammon and Klahoose. Famous for the typical Canadian native art. The Coastal Crew is lucky to be able to call this place home. Dylan Dunkerton and Curtis Robinson give a nice showcase of their backyard:

Coastal Loam With a Hint of Dirt – The Coastal Crew

Coastal Rainforest

BC’s temperate rainforest stretches along the Canadian Pacific coast and thrives at sea level just a couple of hundred meters from the shores. The resulting landscape is one of ancient forests with colossal trees, dotted with wetlands and crisscrossed with rivers that run to the sea. The many lakes add a touch of blue in this ocean of green hues. On the coast humid winds generated by the warm Pacific Ocean cool down when they are forced upward by the mountains. This brings a lot of rain every year, making British Columbia’s coastal rainforest one amongst the wettest non-tropical areas in the world. How biking in such a majestic scenery feels like? This clip needs no further explanation…

In The Know – The Coastal Crew

Coast Gravity Park

Dylan Dunkerton and Curtis Robinson of the Coastal Crew have wood and dirt in their blood. Growing up together in Roberts Creek, they progressed from small jumps in the driveway to building trails and features that display matchless creativity and athleticism. This all culminated in their own hand-build bike park near Sechelt, BC. Here’s Dylan and Curtis as they ride their own creation: the Coast Gravity Park.

Organic Growth 1.0 – The Coastal Crew

Photo Credit for the cover picture: Damon Berryman

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