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Floating Below a Frozen Ceiling

by Jorrit Pinckaers

Submerging yourself in ice cold water gets popular more and more these days. The acclaimed health benefits such as being a boost for your strength and immune system trigger the interest of many of us. Nowadays it’s not just only “The Ice Man” Wim Hof who’s sliding into freezing waters on a daily basis. Thousands of people are. What inspires me even more is this video called Frozen Ceiling from Perrin James. A stunning look into a simultaneously eerie and peaceful frozen underwater world.

Frozen Ceiling is filmed by underwater cinema specialist Perrin James. The goal of this short video was to explain the simplicity of a breath hold and the deeper thoughts in the mind when pushing your body to such limits. Nothing brings you back to the present more so than some ice cold water and a little frost bite.

The video features freedivers Ashley Baird, Andrew Ryzebol and Kim Kerts during a dive under the ice of Ontario’s Georgian Bay, the northeast part of Lake Huron. The title Frozen Ceiling says it all. Watch these divers float beneath an endless sheet of ice that colors pale blue against the darkness of the waters below. Awesome cinematography!

“Not allowing yourself to breath, you get these sensations in your body that are quit enjoyable. At the same time they’re equally quite challenging. That’s the beauty of a breath hold. Not only do you get this exhilaration, you also have to face a challenge. If you can overcome that, it changes you as a person.

Film by Perrin James / @perrinjames1 / lastbreathfilm.com
Cover Photo by Geoff Coombs /@geoff_coombs / geoffcoombs.com

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