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Yearning For Turning

by Jorrit Pinckaers

The essence of snowboarding isn’t about not giving a fuck and swimming against the stream. It’s not about performing, jumping the highest, riding the steepest and shredding the gnarliest. The essence of snowboarding is about being filled with nothing but simple joy, turn after turn. Having no thoughts, appreciating the mountains and nature around you. That feeling is exactly what these ‘Yearning For Turning ‘ videos will trigger instantly each time you watch them.

Korua Shapes

The German snowboard brand Korua Shapes is the child of professional snowboarders Nicholas Wolken and Stephan Maurer. Born from a group of friends, snowboard nerds in their 30’s, dreaming about a brand that reflects their own individual riding styles. During a trip to Japan they discover the local snow-surfing crews like the one of Gentemstick snowboards. The Japanese focus on perfectly executed turns and the overall surf inspired approach is right up their alley. The idea of a European snowsurf brand emerges.

Korua Shapes have been garnering some hype the past couple of years thanks to their unconventional board designs. Just like all snow-surf inspired brands Korua crafts anything but the mainstream board shapes that most people are used to. Every snowboard has a very different character and offers new experiences. Compare it with surfing where it’s usually more fun to surf a longboard in knee high conditions and a shortboard in fast and hollow waves. It’s about carving, turn after turn, cruising the slopes and powder covered valleys.

Yearning For Turning

Besides snowboards the Korua crew also stands out with their video edits. Their ‘fun-first approach’ is what makes Korua’s ‘Yearning for Turning’ video series such a great thing to watch. Over and over again. Screening in classic black&white these clips are not about riding the steepest slopes in Alaska or nailing triple corked jumps over a 50 ft. kicker. They’re about what 95% of all snowboarders can relate to: having fun out in the mountains, throwing sprays, jumping every bump you can and putting some effort in those turns. All this visual candy is covered with catchy new wave-ish German synth-pop tunes. If that doesn’t get you going…

Volume X – Memory Lane

The longstanding video series celebrates its 10th instalment titled «Memory Lane» in which the Korua crew takes a look back on all previous volumes filled with good times, great friends, countless turns, and nothing but fond memories. Volume 10 recounts and remixes some favourite moments from past seasons, and adds the flavour of the most recent winter of 2020/21 – it’s kind of like a band releasing a Best Of compilation album, and throwing some new tracks into the mix for good measure.

Yearning For Turning has always been their reflection on a winter well-spent: in the mountains with friends, enjoying the simple act of turning on snow, and pointing a camera at each other.

Yearning For Turning Volume 10: Memory Lane
Yearning For Turning Volume 9: Homecoming

Watch all the clips at the Korua Youtube Playlist. My favourite edit is Volume 6…hard to choose though.

Turn of Mind

Korua co-founder Nicholas Wolken grew up in a small Swiss village called Küblis. Since one of the longest ski slopes in the Alps ended up right in front of his house, skiing and later snowboarding was part of his life early on. Besides being a professional snowboarder and having some great racing skills, Nicholas also studied psychology at the University of Innsbruck (Austria). So by nature he always digs deeper in how everything connects. Why we do what we do and feel like we feel.

With his sponsor Patagonia, Nicholas shot the short movie ‘Turn of Mind’. Unlike many other snowboarding edits Turn of Mind is more a storytelling of Nicholas’ vision and background instead of being a snowboard action showcase. It’s a holistic look at where we fit into it all. An examination of why it’s so important for people to feel connected to both the landscape and each other.

“If you think you are a part of all this, of course you want to protect all this”.

Patagonia’s Turn of Mind

Cover Photo: Nicholas Wolken shot by Thomas Stoeckli

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